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Does The “Market” Hunt For Your Stops?

Further to our initial discussion on stop hunting it was difficult not to look at a recent trade's exit where a 1-minute candle saw price spike to my known stop loss and saw me exit the LONG trade. Very hard not to be suspicious on such activity - … [Read more]

Designing an Automated Trend Line System – Part 5

In the next part of our series we're going to begin moulding our two parts together. Currently we have an orders section and a trend line section, so now we're going to copy the functions from each into one package. As we have maintained a modular … [Read more]

Do You Feel Your Stops Are Being Hunted?

It can be very difficult to give your forex broker your entry stop and exit stop orders especially if your forex broker is known to be a market maker rather than an ECN. While I believe this activity is certainly becoming less prevalent in today's … [Read more]

Do You Make This Mistake When Creating Your Trailing Stops Function?

In the fifth part of our series on designing a simple trend line breakout system we will move on to exits. Unfortunately early on in my MQL4 coding life I made some big mistakes when I coded my trailing stop function. I found that my entries would be … [Read more]

Designing an Automated Trend Line System – Part 4

In this section we will tackle the entry ordering process. The best way I've found to test the ordering process is to simply remove all gates (such as the trend gate) and to allow the system to trade based on it's trigger. Now obviously you will need … [Read more]

Designing an Automated Trend Line System – Part 3

When designing your system in MetaTrader it's extremely important in being able to test your code throughout. The best way I've found to test code is to modularise it, in essence, create functions where appropriate. This will allow you to insert … [Read more]

Designing an Automated EA Trend Line System – Part 2

Now that we've written a brief trading plan which helps to put boundaries on what we're doing and WHY we're doing it. Let's start formulating some pseudo-code - kind of like what we've previously done, but it adds a level of more code into our … [Read more]

Designing an Automated EA Trend Line System – Part 1

I'm going to embark on sharing how to design an automated expert advisor for trading simple trend lines. By the end of this series I hope that you will have gained an appreciation on the complexities of designing an automated system and perhaps … [Read more]

Trading Strongest & Weakest Pairs Only

One of the peculiar natures about the forex market is that every pair is impacted by every other pair. This symbiosis in the currency market can take some traders who have come from other markets a little by surprise. While some stocks can move … [Read more]

Why Using AccountEquity in Calculating Risk is Very Dangerous

Early this year in mid-January one of my breakout systems was doing quite well. Unfortunately, just after a strong winning streak, a losing streak followed which took most of the gains made from the previous week. Upon investigation I found that my … [Read more]