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My Screen Is Bleeding Red!

Well true to MetaTrader 4’s Strategy Tester this method wasn’t going to be moving anywhere fast and sure enough this week proved it! Every trade ended up in the red even though there were two EURUSD trades which had me scratching my noggin’ think “whaaat??”.

So my thoughts during the week were, “Well this just ain’t working” and I’ve resorted to the fact that I’m just going to have to continue manually trading until I become an MT4 coding ninja (and by that time MT6 would have well and truly become standard use by all forex brokers!).

Anyway, I’ve created yet another fresh demo account with Pepperstone that I’ve titled HB4 (Man) – with the (Man) purely meaning that it’s a Manual entry system and that there’s a man running it too!

A quick video of the week is shown in the you-know-what below: