G’day! Welcome to Currency Secrets.com.

The primary purpose behind this web site has been twofold: perhaps the most apparent and primary method has been to share knowledge by teaching the things that I have discovered throughout the years as a forex trader. I’m a believer in the concept of if you really want to learn something well you must teach it - and I believe every person who visits this site, if they learn something new, should go out and teach somebody else the same concept.

With this in mind I have come a long way throughout my forex trading journey and would like to briefly show you how this has transpired over the previous decade. Let’s first start by looking back at when this site started…


History of Currency Secrets.com

Currency Secrets.com was created on 14 May 2004 as an avenue for it’s creator, Ryan Sheehy, to share information on his forex journey through the turbulent currency market. Ryan started his currency trading career in November of 2003 through a forex trading course offered by Home Trader. Even though the course was well organised and information on trading the currency markets successfully was sufficient going out on his own proved to be a different story. The initial experiences in dealing with forex brokers and data vendors to test ideas became a difficult one and CurrencySecrets.com ended up becoming an avenue for traders to share their successes as well as their gripes on forex brokers, data vendors and forex signal providers.

Soon the site evolved into a large resource for traders to share their forex broker experiences, forex data vendors as well as experiences with forex signal providers.


Personal Journey

Ryan has been involved in the forex market since November of 2003, having started trading at the age of 20 back in mid-1998 in the Australian stock market. While his first few years as a trader were a roller-coaster ride he did enjoy the dynamics of trading and furthered his knowledge of the markets by reading many books and attending many seminars.

His biggest gains were soon realised in the tech-boom of 2000 which helped propel him to start his own private company.

By the end of 2001 Ryan graduated from Murdoch University (WA) with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and considered becoming a full-time trader due to the small amount of trading and investing income he was making that kept himself afloat. During the next few years though trading profits were erratic and he soon found himself working in a small stockbroking company and eventually alongside his father in his father’s small business as an accountant to avoid eating into his capital.

By 2004 Ryan turned the corner by engaging in the options market and he began to consistently make good returns. This continued until 2007 when a large series of losses in his trading account as well as the managed fund where he placed the majority of his capital into all failed.

In 2008 Ryan undertook a change in career and completed his Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching at Curtin University (WA).


The Story Today

Since 2009 Ryan has been a full-time teacher, educating secondary students in both Mathematics and Business Studies at various schools around the country. When he is not in the classroom, he is often found involved in church ministry and analysing forex charts. While Ryan still enjoys trading it has taken a lesser role in his life due to his devotion to his wife and his son.

With Currency Secrets.com Ryan now harnesses both his love of teaching and forex trading by continuing to share his knowledge and experiences. He loves to share ideas and thoughts on trading and seeks to help others as much as he can with the limited time available.

We hope you enjoy your experience here at Currency Secrets.com and look forward to hearing of your experiences in the future.


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